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Inspired By an In-house Initiative, D&H Addresses a Nascent Trend with an Adjustable "Standing Desk" Plus Fitness-Oriented Wearables and Ergonomic Peripherals

HARRISBURG, PA - May 21, 2015 - D&H Distributing, the leading North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, has long tried to foster a health-conscious atmosphere at its own company, constructing walking tracks on its grounds and offering lunch-time speakers on topics such as healthy habits.

In one of its latest in-house efforts, D&H presented its employee/co-owners with the opportunity to purchase height-adjustable "standing desks" by a manufacturer called Innovative. Interested personnel could opt to apply company-offered healthcare reimbursement funds toward a percentage of the cost. This idea was spurred by a "healthy office" trend being touted in the mainstream media, recognizing the ongoing state of physical stagnation that workers are subject to as they sit behind their computers through an eight-hour workday.

This proposition motivated D&H to offer the Innovative desk to its customers for resale, offered with a variety of other ergonomic products, so VARs can capitalize on a growing trend while ostensively encouraging healthier work environments.

The Innovative Winston Sit/Stand Workstation can capacitate two mounted monitors, and its surface adjusts in height to accommodate both sitting and standing attitudes. This alleviates some of the negative effects of a fully sedentary workstation--the impact of which has lately been compared to that of smoking in media articles.

In addition to Innovative's workstation, D&H offers a variety of fitness-related items, including wearable health monitors. Colorful Fitbit and Striiv activity tracker wristbands, top-selling models in this space, integrate with smartphone-based apps that analyze and report data based on the user's vital signs. These devices also offer functions such as step-counters, sleep monitors, alarms, and email/text alerts.

D&H carries a range of ergonomically-designed mouse products, keyboards and laptop stands fashioned to maintain comfort and avoid the negative effects of repetitive physical motions, including carpal tunnel syndrome. D&H partners Microsoft, Adesso, Cooler Master, Genius, Manhattan, ParcSlope and SIIG offer these categories. Complementary products such as the Fellowes Smart Suite "foot rocker," which fits under a desk, or the Conair heated massage seat cushion, offer additional tools to help alleviate stagnation.

"The World Health Organization recently identified physical inactivity as the fourth largest killer worldwide, superseding even obesity. Such reports are driving companies to promote more dynamic and comfortable postures for their employees over the course of the day," said Jeff Davis. "Our own management acknowledged this, and realized the trend might point to a new sales opportunity for resellers. Much like our 'green' initiatives, this campaign can deliver benefits beyond just technology. It can contribute to the wellness of the workforce."

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