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— D&H Distributing Recommends New Visual Solutions with Breakthrough Capabilities for Verticals such as Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Hospitality —

HARRISBURG, PA — April 21, 2017 — D&H Distributing, the leading North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, is teaching it resellers how to leverage visual solutions that deliver breakthrough capabilities for vertical markets such as retail, healthcare, education, and hospitality. These solutions, also known as digital signage system, can provide opportunities for savvy end-companies to not just manage and display customized content, but also profit from ad sponsorships that can run in conjunction with their proprietary schedule of messages. Such creative utilization of digital signage can in fact defray the end-user’s investment. Visual solution systems are now available to incorporate scheduled customized content, offering amenities such as kiosk capability, touch-screen interactivity, and intriguing viewer recognition features.

“Most of the digital signage solutions and content we sell to resellers are unique to each customer,” notes Nate Blazer, D&H Distributing’s visual solutions specialist, part of the distributor’s growing Solutions Specialist Team. “The range of content an end-user can present is almost limitless, from daily specials, menus and agendas, to videos and playlists, or educational presentations. Anything that can be linked to a URL can be used as content for a digital display.”

For that reason, D&H often provides in-depth consultation to resellers on what type of content might be leveraged for end-companies in different markets--and how creative applications can create a revenue opportunities, such as by selling ad space to outside companies for messaging that will appear in lobbies, waiting rooms, or busy corporate break rooms.

Content for these solutions can be managed via platforms such as Google’s Kiosk and Chrome Sign Builder, which allow the end-user to schedule and automate their messaging. And Intel’s Retail Client Manager solution utilizes breakthrough sensors to identify the age, gender, and viewing habits of consumers who view the signage, allowing users to tailor their messages to the individuals who are examining these screens at any given time.

Displays are available in a range of screen sizes, such as LG’s 49-inch SuperSign, ViewSonic’s 32-inch CDE3203 unit, plus video walls and single screens as large as 90 inches. Systems such as “interactive viewboards” incorporating touch screen capabilities are gaining traction in the K-12 market, but are also cropping up in settings such as real estate agencies, healthcare offices, automotive dealerships, and other small business environments.

D&H invites its resellers to learn more about this evolving category at its latest Solutions Lab webcast, “The Big Picture: Your Guide to Signage & Display Solutions,” on April 25 at 2:00 p.m. Visit to register today.

“These solutions address an impressive range of business scenarios, and we’re happy to help customers capitalize on them and help expand their businesses in different verticals,” said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of sales at D&H Distributing. “Many of our VARs already have established relationships with end-users in these segments. Our resellers can therefore approach existing customers, positioning these offerings as tools to establish additional revenue streams and capabilities. It’s a win-win for solution providers and the businesses they serve.”

D&H customers can contact their representatives at (800) 340-1001 or visit

About D&H Distributing
D&H Distributing believes the most important element of doing business is developing relationships for mutual success. The company continues to build upon its 99-year-old culture by providing its manufacturers, co-owners, and partners with the utmost customer care, consultative guidance and multi-market expertise. As one of North America’s leading technology distributors, it delivers a wealth of enablement resources and hands-on support services that empower resellers in the IT channel.

The company engages with solution providers, integrators, and VARs to meet current business challenges, as well as forecast their evolving, real-world needs and prospects for lucrative growth opportunities. D&H maintains a special focus on independent VARs expanding their competencies in areas such as hosted and cloud services, the modern mobile workplace, comprehensive SMB server networks, and cross-market expertise across the small business, education, healthcare, and government verticals, to name a few. The company's value proposition includes professional marketing resources, a new transactional service model, dedicated Solutions Specialists, and a highly-lauded webcast training venue; plus reseller engagement events such as technology trade shows, roundtable opportunities, training “track” sessions, and hands-on “lab” sessions.

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