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The Distributor Made it Easy for VARs to Identify "Green" Merchandise; in Addition to Perpetuating In-house Recycling and Energy-Conversation Procedures

HARRISBURG, PA - April 20, 2015 - As we approach the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, computer products and consumer electronics D&H Distributing announced it has sold 46,809,568 products that have been categorized as ecologically-friendly--with an increase of more than 7.5 million of these items ordered since last April.

The above total represents eco-conservative products sold since the 2010 launch of D&H's "Go Green" initiative, which also included the establishment of conservative in-house practices such as large-scale recycling at its five locations, energy-saving equipment, and other procedures to reduce the company's ecological footprint. D&H in fact incorporated a dedicated search tool into its online product ordering function at the start of the launch, so resellers and dealers could more easily identify products that have been rated as energy efficient or ecologically sound, likely contributing to sales of such merchandise over the five years of the program.

In addition to product sales, the distributor has made significant headway in its recycling and conservation programs. It installed a 62,729 square-foot field of solar panels in one of its Harrisburg, PA, parking locations in 2014. During that year, the installation generated 1,064,928 kWh of clean power, translating to a CO2 reduction of 1,408,659 pounds, or 639 metric tons.

D&H hosts an annual recycling day, in which employees are persuaded to submit used electronics items. The June 2014 event produced 17 pallets of material for recycling, and D&H has another such event scheduled for June of 2015. Measures at D&H's distribution centers include on-site baling and recycling of cardboard from third-party purchases; mulching of all old and damaged wood pallets; plus recycling of paper, plastic and aluminum containers. At both its office and warehouse locations, the distributor has long-since implemented energy-conservative, motion-controlled lighting and conveyor systems that minimize power consumption.

"Earth Day is a great time to brainstorm on how else we can preserve resources, to review how efficient our current policies have been, and to assess how they impact reseller business," said Jeff Davis, senior vice president of sales at D&H. "On Earth Day's 45th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of D&H's Go Green program, it's especially appropriate to take stock, noting how to keep ecological endeavors top of mind, and encouraging a more eco-friendly channel through the proliferation of these products and practices."

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