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D&H Offers Services like the “Performance Tracker” Portal, Training, & MDF Funds, Enabling Cisco® SMB VARs to Increase Profitability through the Cisco® Meraki Full Stack Portfolio

HARRISBURG, PA - February 27, 2018 - D&H Distributing, a major provider of SMB and consumer technologies to the North American high-tech channel, announces the launch of a comprehensive set of support services for its Cisco® partners. The “Driven” for Cisco® Meraki program is designed to help those VARs increase sales and grow their businesses through the popular Cisco® Meraki cloud managed solution for SMB environments. D&H customers can explore the program details at

The Driven campaign includes proprietary offerings from D&H including a self-service “Partner Performance Tracker” portal, which allows VARs to monitor their progress at-a-glance as they advance through the program. Offerings include the Meraki360 half-day remote training sessions, Cisco® Express Networking Specialization training vouchers, promotions, discounts, back-end rebates, and market development funding (MDF) to bolster the VAR’s individual sales and marketing efforts.

The Driven program for Cisco® Meraki delivers every opportunity for resellers to become specialized and certified, organized, and funded to sell the Cisco® Meraki solutions, empowering them to specialize in sales of robust, hosted cloud managed networks. These hybrid networking infrastructures deliver the scalability, manageability, and efficiency of hosted environments to SMB end-companies.

Driven helps resellers working in the SMB space who may not ordinarily have the resources to ascend to one of the more elite partner tiers. Such levels require specific certifications and training. Yet Cisco® has found that its resellers are more successful when they focus on a specialization, such as sophisticated wireless or hybrid solutions. Therefore, D&H has stepped-in to provide the additional resources, training opportunities, tools, and support to enable more Cisco® resellers to succeed at this elevated level. Driven program amenities will allow VARs to reap the benefits of a higher-tier Cisco® Select partner, including proprietary advantages from D&H.

For example, D&H’s exclusive “Partner Performance Tracker” portal allows resellers enrolled in the program to track their progress, unlocking more lucrative benefits as they achieve milestones such as specializations and/or certain sales goals, until they are eligible for rewards such as pricing discounts and MDF funding. As VARs progress through the levels, they can do things such as upload specific proposals for marketing campaigns to be financed through the program, or apply for rebates according to their sales volume.

D&H maintains a team of dedicated Meraki Driven personnel to assist resellers with any portion of the program, making it as easy as possible for VARs to develop this enhanced degree of specialization. D&H is one of the few channel companies to maintain a Certified Meraki Masters Trainer on staff. In addition, the distributor conducts in-house Cisco® training programs on an ongoing basis, to educate its sales and technical personnel regarding the latest developments in the Meraki portfolio.

“The Driven program for Cisco® Meraki focuses on enablement, delivering every possible resource we can to ensure our resellers can increase their profitability with this solution,” said Peter DiMarco, vice president of VAR sales at D&H. “We focus on support of the more independent VAR, who may not normally be able to leverage the same caliber of programs as their upper-tier counterparts. The program gives those resellers the ability to move upstream and enjoy the benefits that Cisco® certification and specialization can yield, bringing them to a new height of prosperity and competitive advantage.”

“D&H has always been a champion for VARs. The Driven program for Cisco® Meraki is a genuine example of how far the company is willing to extend itself to enhance a reseller’s capabilities,” said Mike Nitchman, vice president of operations for Business Information Group, a Cisco® Meraki solution provider. “We’re excited to take advantage of D&H’s offering around such an outstanding Cisco® product, one that lends itself to our deploying a greater amount of cloud-based solutions.”

“The Driven program for Cisco® Meraki demonstrates that D&H is delivering the support and resources that our mutual partners require to succeed,” said Andrew Sage, vice president, Americas Distribution at Cisco®. “D&H is delivering new ways for resellers to become more specialized and skilled providers of cloud managed networks.”

Resellers can find out more at, speak to their D&H representatives at (800) 340-1001, or email

About D&H Distributing
D&H Distributing believes the most important element of doing business is developing relationships for mutual success. The company continues to build upon its 100-year-old culture by providing its manufacturers, co-owners, and partners with the utmost customer care, consultative guidance, and multi-market expertise. As one of North America’s leading technology distributors, it delivers a wealth of enablement resources and hands-on support services that empower resellers in the IT channel.

The company engages with solution providers, integrators, and VARs to meet current business challenges, as well as forecast their evolving, real-world needs and prospects for lucrative growth opportunities. D&H maintains a special focus on independent VARs expanding their competencies in areas such as hosted and cloud services, the modern mobile workplace, comprehensive SMB server networks, and cross-market expertise across the small business, education, healthcare, and government verticals, to name a few. The company's value proposition includes professional marketing resources, a transactional service model, dedicated Solutions Specialists, and a highly-lauded webcast training venue; plus reseller engagement events such as technology conferences, roundtable opportunities, training “track” sessions, and hands-on “lab” sessions.

The distributor is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, in the US and in Brampton, Ontario, in Canada. Additional warehouses are located in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Fresno, CA; and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Call D&H toll-free at (800) 340-1001, via, or follow the distributor’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and @dandh.