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Get Schooled on Microsoft!

Let us help you grow your knowledge base with discounts on Microsoft Cloud training through New Horizons.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit and choose your training:
    • Live-Instructor Lead
    • Online Live™
    • Microsoft On-Demand Self-Paced Training
  2. Enter promo code DHCUST25 to receive a 25% discount

After you complete the training, you are then eligible to receive up to an additional $500 D&H account credit!

  1. $200 for completion of the New Horizon training
  2. $100 off your exam voucher
  3. $200 once you make your first purchase of 25 seats or more
Offer valid while supplies last
Contact to learn more

a growing portfolio of key offerings:

Dropbox Business
Nimble Storage

The Simple Smart CRM that Works for you

In Office 365, Social and Everywhere you work

  • Nimble is the ideal "First CRM"
  • Affordable, easy to use and administer, loved by users
  • Drives immediate and lasting business outcomes and ROI
  • Brings all customer information together in a shared location across applications and employees
  • Robust functionality and continuous new feature releases support growth

Sign up your FREE Nimble Account Today!

Check out the Modern Workplace blog by Nimble featuring D&H's VP of the Cloud Business Unit, Jason Bystrak.

Dropbox Business

Exclusive to D&H!

SaaSMAX does the work for you. You'll have access to hundreds of vetted B2B SaaS and Cloud-based solutions. We'll match you with the best options for your business and your clients

  • Cloud strategists to assist you in adopting new services and getting setup
  • Innovative products bundles to offer your clients
  • Identify new solutions and new potential partners every month
  • Unearth new opportunities and best practices in vertical markets such as healthcare, education, legal, financial services, government and more.
To learn more, contact

D&H is excited to welcome DropBox Business to our growing list of Cloud Solutions Partners.

Dropbox Business

DropBox Business is a central workspace that helps teams stay organized and keep their ideas flowing together: Centralized team activity • Best-in-class integrations • Work better together • Extends collaboration and control

Only DropBox Business offers:

Smart Sync: Users can see all their work from their desktop and access to everything is just a click away
DropBox Paper: A flexible workspace that enables users to share their work with others, track progress and keep tabs on who has seen what - all in one place.
Best-in-Class Security Ecosystem: Bank-level encryption plus compliance & certifications
200,000 Companies have chosen Dropbox Business, including 52% of the Fortune 500. To learn more about DropBox, contact

Our technology & services offerings have been expanded to include Intermedia!

Intermedia Unite
A fully integrated business communications and collaboration platform that combines a phone system, video, screen sharing and file management into a seamless experience: Increased productivity and collaboration • Lower costs • Increased reliability • Simplified scaling and management • Business continuity
Learn More
Watch the Solutions Lab Webcast: Unified Communication & Collaboration with Intermedia & Plantronics

Cloud Business Accelerator
4 Steps, 4 Weeks, 4 Success

D&H Cloud Solutions, in partnership with KloudReadiness™, has created a powerful business transformation program intended to put you on the fast-track towards creating a growth oriented and profitable cloud business.

What will you get done in 4 weeks? You'll take 4 major steps that include:

  • Assessing your current subscription recurring revenue capabilities
  • Creating a solid cloud business strategy and plan
  • Producing a cloud sales compensation plan that will work
  • Constructing a packaging and pricing approach that ensures profit

Our Cloud Video Library:

The Sky's the Limit [00:41]

Make D&H Your Partner in the Cloud

Short Introduction to D&H [01:25]

From Our Microsoft Business Development Manager, Damon Kegerise

Microsoft 365 Tips & Trainings [01:28]

Episode 01: Adding Groups

Microsoft 365 Tips & Trainings [02:11]

Episode 02: Configuring Data Access

Microsoft 365 Tips & Trainings [02:50]

Episode 03: Creating Policies

Microsoft 365 Tips & Trainings [01:59]

Episode 04: Protect Data on Lost Devices

Microsoft 365 Tips & Trainings [03:15]

Episode 05: Secure Devices

Azure Basics [06:02]

Episode 01: Getting Started

Azure Basics [17:05]

Episode 02: Creating a Basic File Share

Azure Basics [13:07]

Episode 03: Spinning up Your First Virtual Machine

Azure Basics [05:56]

Episode 04: How to Backup and Recover a VM

Partner Services

Download the Customizable Marketing Template

D&H templates are updated monthly & provided free of charge. These are customizable for your business, if you have the latest programs to modify the file types that are available on the Partner Services page. We ask that you maintain the brands represented in the templates provided.

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D&H Solutions Lab

The D&H Solutions Lab is a one-of-a-kind sales resource built to inform and connect you and your customers through remote and hands-on training sessions using live webcasts, in-house trainings, and on-demand videos.

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