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The Cloud Evolution
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Unified Communications

As a direct result of the pandemic, there has been a 86% increased interest in UCaaS solutions* with 74% of companies planning to permanently shift to more remote work**.
Only 12% of organizations were prepared for a massive shift to work-from-home**. While cloud-first organizations readily weathered the COVID-19 disruption, others hastily deployed multiple disparate applications as a short-term solution for their team messaging and video conferencing needs.
Now that businesses are over the initial shock of the pandemic and restrictions have loosened, leaders are looking ahead and planning their short and long-term continuity strategies. Are you equipped to handle the demand?
*Per report from Avant Research & Analytics via Computer Weekly **Per Gartner survey
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D&H has the products, services and expertise to help you meet the
needs of your customers and profitably grow your Unified Communication offerings.

Robust Vendor portfolio of both hardware and software products

Technical and sales support for all partners regardless
of size

Pro Services offerings to augment your organizations capabilities

Success Path to Unified Communications

The D&H Success Path to Unified Communications series is designed to help you capture market opportunities and leverage growth through Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS), a foundational element within our UC Solutions. This video series empowers you to plan for success, rapidly launch a UC practice, and effectively maintain and grow this new business unit. After watching this video series, you will be able to empower customers to effectively collaborate from anywhere.


Planning &




Operational Effectiveness


Go for

Communication is everything.

Empower your customers to collaborate intelligently.

Versatility in real-time communications system helps businesses succeed. While series of smaller third-party solutions do the job, complete Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solutions do the job better- making calling, voicemail, chatting, and conferencing more streamlined.

The Unified Communication Cloud Cluster brings together a suite of integrated products to form a total communication solution, enhancing productivity and customer experience while providing increased profitability for partners.

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Hardware designed specifically for business audio and visual collaboration, with intuitive features to eliminate distractions and improve performance.

Why it's important: Whether supporting a remote team working from different environments, or an in-office group modern collaboration tools are key to ensuring excellent voice and audio quality to keep users engaged and productive.

Video Conferencing

Visual collaboration technologies that bring together users from different locations for face-to-face meetings without having to physically come together to a single location.

Why it's important: Provides high-quality alternative to in-person interactactions, enabling users to start, join, and hold productive meetings from any location on any device.


Platform that efficiently manages all forms of customer interaction with a full set of unified communications tools and contact center features and capabilities such as auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing and customer relationship management integrations.

Why it's important: By combining these communication services into a single interface, teams can collaborate more efficiently and improve operational efficiency, helping businesses become more flexible, agile and adaptable.


Collaboration and file exchange platform for sharing, distributing and consuming corporate content within a managed and secure environment.

Why it's important: The modern workplace is now made up of a more dispersed workforce that needs access to business critical resources from any location.


The physical connection to an Internet Service Provider for bandwidth and internet connection points.

Why it's important: With so many cloud based services and remote accessibility needs, business require reliable broadband connections. Install too little bandwidth, and you'll quickly encounter performance issues that put off users; install too much, and you'll waste money.


Delivers in a single, cloud-based platform a set of features such as messaging, presence technology, online meetings, team collaboration, telephony (or cloud calling) and video conferencing.

Why it's important: Provides flexibility and scalability for core business tasks, making it easier to secure communications, prevent downtime and account for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our team of Specialists are here to help with communications and collaboration solutions, and all of the contributing factors that support an integrated device and meeting space strategy.

Do your clients' have a
business plan? And if so, what is
your place in it?

Leverage partner programs and resources to help develop a competitive strategy that drives and supports operational efficiencies and optimizes profitability.

What are the collaboration
devices your clients' teams
can't go without?

Bundle professional and managed services with complementary vendors to create complete solutions based on typical customer needs, business outcomes and vertical or horizontal markets.

Does your clients' workforce
need remote worker
training and support?

Enable sales team to effectively execute on solution focused and audience-targeted activities by providing sales and solution training, resources and incentives.

Intelligently Designed Clusters

  • Integrated solutions
  • Facilitate guided selling
  • Generate technical efficiency
  • Create user value
  • Maximize partner profitability


  • Drive differentiation and predictable profit
  • Develop multi-vendor offerings
  • Bundle hardware, software, and managed services
  • Flexible consumption options to accelerate cash flow

Success Path to Cloud: Build a profitable practice

  • 8-Step Methodology
  • Monetizing the Seat Configuration Tool
  • Channel insights and best practices from subject matter experts