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Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Empowering Partners to Capture the Cloud Market Opportunity

Cloud computing trends continue to show year-over-year growth, making Cloud and Managed Services one of the fastest growing segments in the IT industry. According to Report Linker, the global cloud computing market is set to exceed $330 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. In 2019, IDC named the US as the most significant public cloud market with approximately one third of companies’ IT budgets going to cloud services. In fact, public cloud spend and adoption is growing three times faster than private cloud usage because of SMB demand for access to data everywhere.
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Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Manage the entire customer lifecycle using the Cloud Marketplace to build and customize comprehensive multi-vendor offerings with Hardware, Software, Financing, and D&H Managed Services.

Moving beyond software and data delivery, "Everything-as-a-Service" has become a mindset for consumers as much as it is a strategy for businesses. From cellular phone plans to meal delivery services, streaming subscriptions to cloud backup, the XaaS model is everywhere.

Cloud Marketplace

Cloud Marketplace


Cloud Marketplace


Why Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)?

Launching a XaaS model empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to better serve the SMB and Mid-Market space, ensuring growth through a recurring revenue stream.

Partner Benefits
  • Up-front payments = Improved cash flow
  • Subscription Based = Capture refresh opportunity
  • Attached Services = Increased margin
  • Standardized Fleets = Lower support costs
  • Bundled Solution = Competitive differentiation
  • XaaS model = Helps transition customers from CAPEX to OPEX
Client Benefits
  • Monthly payment = Predictable cost
  • Planned Procurement = Budget forecasting
  • Scalable Model = Workforce growth flexibility
  • Subscription Based = Latest technology
  • End-to-end Lifecycle Support = Lower IT cost
  • XaaS model = Transition from CAPEX to OPEX
  • OPEX = Tax benefits


The Everything-as-a-Service era has arrived. Global disruption has accelerated the adoption of the subscription model. XaaS has become as much a strategy for your business as it is a mindset for consumers. Join the conversation on harnessing the power of X, embracing new technologies, and evolving your go-to-market strategy with professional & managed services.

Create Customized XaaS Solutions

The D&H Cloud Marketplace enables you to bundle hardware, software, and managed services to build comprehensive and customizable XaaS solutions.


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Any hardware such as a client devices, peripherals, components, and more!


Any Cloud or Packaged Software
and licensing.

Managed Services

Any managed service such as end-to-end lifecycle management, maintenance, monitory, IT support, warranty, and insurance.


Flexible and low cost payment options to help clients transition from CAPEX to OPEX.

  • Financed: Customer finances solution for low cost monthly payments over subscription term
  • Partner Profit: Finance company pays Partner profit up-front at time of transaction
  • Financed Portion
    • Customer finances portion of solution for low cost monthly payments over subscription term
    • Finance company pays Partner profit up-front at time of transaction
  • Non-Financed Portion
    • Partner uses Cloud Marketplace to bill customer for subscription based cloud solutions and managed services
    • Customer remits payments based on Partner billing

Start customizing your solution designed offerings today!

Featured XaaS Solution Bundles & Partners


Modern workforce solutions that equip clients with the devices, collaboration and productivity software, and support services that enable digital transformation.

Featured XaaS Partners:


Cost-effective and secure solutions that help clients innovate, adopt, and begin their transition to the cloud within a hybrid environment.

Featured XaaS Partners:
Dropbox Business


Meeting space solutions that integrate various real-time communication, collaboration, and productivity tools to deliver a more effective and seamless user experience.

Featured XaaS Partners:


Next generation UC solutions that use the Cloud platform to combine critical communication strategies for everything from business voice to audio conferencing, video collaboration, and file sharing.

Featured XaaS Partner Solutions

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Contact to learn more about customizing your solution designed offerings.

Lenovo Device as a Service
Today's business environment is more challenging than ever-your clients needs to operate on a leaner budget, with their employees in remote locations. To remain competitive and thrive amidst change, use Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions to manage their device lifecycles, free their employees to do what they do best, and move from a CapEx expense to a manageable OpEx business expense for device refresh.

SonicWall and D&H: Helping MSPs expand their practices to become Managed Security Service Providers.
Alleviate the burden of supporting end-of-life firewalls by setting your clients up to always have the most current generation of technology. Bundle SonicWall hardware, maintenance, support, and subscription-based security services to offer your clients customizable solutions at a manageable monthly subscription fee.

SonicWall SECaaS & MSSP Partner Programs
  1. Become a SonicWall SecureFirst Partner
  2. Apply for SECaaS and MSSP Programs via the Partner Portal


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