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The Art of MSP Target Marketing

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August 1, 2023

As an MSP, you have a unique set of challenges. Reaching new prospects requires targeted campaigns, and the fierce competition calls for your

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utmost attention to standing out. Let's say you got all this down. Great -- however, if you're not also an artist, there are a few things to consider. It becomes challenging when our MSP competitors are vying for the same customers. How can we succeed in such a competitive market and attract customers?

MSP Target Campaigns

When selling managed services, any strategy is preferable to none. For MSPs, tried-and-true methods such as social media posting, and direct calling may be effective. However, are these strategies sufficient? Can they achieve the needed results if they

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perform only the absolute minimum? Given the current state of the market, your typical all-in-one strategy may not be sufficient. Companies pursuing managed services require individualized solutions. An MSP-targeting campaign may be your best option for expanding opportunities in a competitive industry.

A targeted strategy enables you to identify specific objectives and the duties necessary to achieve them. This method is an excellent way to implement thought leadership and define your brand. Targeted campaigns can help you present a unique value proposition that distinguishes you from the competition.

What Services do you Provide?

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Clients seeking MSPs all inquire, "What services do you offer?" Consider this question an opportunity to highlight your strengths and assert that you are the best candidate for their needs. Can you ease their discomfort? Are you qualified to become a trusted advisor? Targeted campaigns require niche-relevant responses that are specific to the client's niche. That requires speaking their language and comprehending their needs. It is easy to assert that you are the finest MSP for the position. Proving it, however, is an entirely different scenario. How do you convince them that your business is what they're looking for? Here are some alternatives to consider.

Increasing your Network

To take advantage of flexible consumption-based payments in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, customers are demanding hybrid cloud data center solutions. The D&H Modern Infrastructure team

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assists you in designing, implementing, and managing these complex solutions with leading technology from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft Azure so that you can capitalize on this rapidly expanding market opportunity.

Have you ever considered collaborating with organizations on their continuing education as a speaker? Few MSPs contemplate this strategy because they prefer to devote their resources, time, and energy to direct marketing. However, associating with pertinent clubs increases brand recognition. Your prospects might be in the audience, awaiting your value proposition presentation.

Collecting Testimonies

How current clients interpret your work is important for persuading others to employ your MSP.

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Positive testimonials can work to your advantage by demonstrating that you have the skills necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.


Setting measurable objectives for MSP targeting campaigns can solidify your position as an outstanding IT provider. Therefore, you must implement methods for measuring the efficacy of your strategies. These reports, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), provide prospective clients with an accurate depiction of your MSP capabilities.

Instruments for Documenting

Do you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies? Their reliance on specific, measurable

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objectives characterizes targeted campaigns. What are you doing that is working? The experts at D&H advise that you use reporting tools that provide a clear picture of what works and what does not.

For instance, tools that provide insightful information regarding competitor analysis and keyword comparisons, among others, are beneficial for targeted campaigns. They monitor the traffic on landing pages and blogs, displaying accurate page views and click-through rates. In addition, these tools enable you to view sales conversion rates, which are essential performance indicators.


MSP targeting campaigns comprise a significant portion of the marketing strategy. As a result, they feed into the sales funnel; each task on the targeted plan can influence the trajectory of your sales.

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You can create a streamlined campaign that efficiently converts prospects into customers by directing prospects to your sales funnel.

When you use automation tools, you can create a 'journey' for visitors to your website or blog. We tailor this strategy because it considers the type of interest of the user. You can monitor the client's progression through the marketing and sales funnel. Automation also enables you to perform duties like follow-up emails and phone calls to keep new customers from dropping out mid-journey.

Cost evaluation

Most MSPs are hesitant to seek out such tools because of their expense. Are you willing to pay a monthly or annual premium for your targeted marketing campaigns? Before you say no, consider this: automation, reporting, and other relevant tools may help you save money. These tools exist to aid in the management of mundane, repetitive duties. You can automate tasks such as sending emails and updating social media accounts rather than hiring a new employee. You enable your MSP to reduce significant overhead expenses.

MSP Campaign Objectives

We trust these tips and tricks will assist you in developing a successful MSP-targeted campaign for your business. You can rely on D&H to help you create a marketing strategy that captures your customer's attention. When you need marketing support, contact us any time.

Now that you understand the essentials of an effective marketing campaign, we have an opportunity for you to learn directly from the experts. Don’t miss our upcoming webcast The MSP Guide to a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan on Thursday, September 21st. During this exclusive D&H partner event, you’ll hear from Brandi Reed, Marketing Director at CharTec, who will advise you on the essential components of your marketing plan.

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