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Modern Solutions Offers Exclusive Resources Built Just for Your Business.

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December 1, 2023

Plan for 2024

At D&H, we pride ourselves on our Experience, Education, and Expertise. This rings true across all our D&H Opportunities, including Modern

With Microsoft 365 you can work anytime, anywhere, with the added benefits of the cloud.

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Solutions. As we move into a time of rest and thanks, now is the perfect time to recharge for the coming year. Some of your clients’ top priorities for 2024, according to Gartner, include:

  • The use of AI
  • IT ecosystem sustainability
  • Greater speed and productivity
  • Dedicated tech for specific tasks, industries, and functions

We have numerous resources and on-demand webcasts that are perfect for D&H partners who are looking to expand their knowledge and add to their portfolio in the coming year. Make sure you take some time to review our library of resources so you can hit the ground running in 2024!

Modern Solutions SuccessPath Video Series

HPE security provides edge, cloud and data expertise with modern approaches such as zero trust security.

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Our SuccessPath Video Series was built with you and your clients’ needs in mind. Whether you’re an established or an aspiring MSP, we want to help you launch, optimize, and maximize your practice. When you watch these on-demand series, you’ll hear from MSP and D&H experts as they take you through the essential steps for optimizing your Managed Services Practice.

SuccessPath to Cloud

Keep students, teachers, and schools safe with NTE devices and built-in capabilities and cloud-powered intelligence (not to exceed $499).

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Are you ready to get the most out of the cloud solutions you’re selling? We have the perfect webcast for you! In this 14-minute D&H partner webcast, you’ll hear from Tommy Wald, author of “The MSP CEO: Your Guide to Building a Successful MSP Business”. Tommy, alongside our team of D&H solution experts, will help you get the most out of every sale you make.

SuccessPath to Unified Communications

Collaboration solutions empower your clients to effectively communicate whether they’re in-person or working remotely. Join Jason Bystrak, Senior VP of Modern Solutions, as he highlights the importance of Unified Communications-as-a-Service to your partners and how offering these end-to-end solutions will enable you to grow with recurring revenue streams and higher profit margins.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) is a smart infrastructure solutions provider to organizations of all sizes.

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SuccessPath to Security

With so many of your clients working in a hybrid or fully-remote setting, security has never been more important! Our SuccessPath to Security webcast was built to help you better understand the security opportunity and how offering Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) will help you grow through recurring revenue streams and higher profit margins.

Modern Solutions Webcasts

SonicWall delivers Boundless Cybersecurity for the hyper-distributed era in a work reality where everyone is remote, mobile, and unsecure.

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Although we find great value in As-a-Service solutions, we also understand the importance of offering you vendor-specific resources based on your clients’ demand. Whether your clients are looking for more information on software like Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Azure, or security solutions like ConnectWise and Perch, our webcasts will provide you with a deeper understanding of the solutions your clients are looking for.

Modern Solutions Sales Enablement Tools & Resources

The ESET Protect Platform is perfectly balanced and cloud-based cybersecurity, delivered though an easy-to-manage platform.

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Although our webcasts are a great way to learn more about Modern Solutions and our vendors, these aren’t the only resources available to our D&H partners. We have also created numerous Sales Enablement Tools and Resources that are available to you on our Modern Solutions mini site! Covering everything from our overall Modern Solutions strategy to tips on how to conduct your hybrid cloud practice.

Be Built for Growth in 2024

As we enter a time of well-deserved rest and appreciation for an incredible year, we want to extend a “thank you” to our D&H partners who have continued to grow alongside us. We wish you an

Pillr is powerful security operations software, backed by 24/7/365 SOC service and support.

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incredible holiday and New Year! If there is anything our team can do to help you prepare for the coming year, please don’t hesitate to contact us.