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D&H is committed to investing in environmentally-conscious and sustainable business practices. By sourcing and clearly identifying available green certified technologies on our ecommerce site and integrating and utilizing energy-efficient solutions and methods at our corporate offices and distribution hubs, D&H enables the long-term success of our partners and sustainability of our environment for future generations to come.

Total D&H Green Products Ordered Since January 2010,
the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day:


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D&H Fresno DC Rooftop Solar Farm

  • Fresno Rooftop Solar Farm - 201,000 square feet of USA Made PV Solar Panels
  • Tech Drive Data Center - energy efficient, reduction of over 30%
    • All lighting LED with occupancy sensors
    • High insulation rated acoustic ceiling tiles
    • Eco-friendly clean agent fire suppression system
    • All doors fitted with active air management features to help isolate conditioned spaces
    • Full Aisle Containment - keeps cold air (from AC units) and hot air (from servers’ exhaust) from mixing
    • 2N Power Redundancy - served by a fully redundant parallel power infrastructure

  • LED Lighting - require approx. 50% less energy with a 2-3x longer lifespan
  • Energy-star rated appliances - less power to operate


D&H Harrisburg DC Mezzanine

  • Cartonization - best box size for shipment
  • Carton-on-demand - perfectly sized boxes
  • Jiffy Mailer Envelopes - made from recycled material
  • Bags vs. boxes
  • Use of HDPE air pillows


  • Material - paper, plastic, corrugate, pallets
  • Cardboard/corrugate baled
  • Plastic shrink wrap baled or containerized
  • Old and damaged wood pallets turned into mulch
  • “Field destroy” defective product - approximately 95% of these items avoid the landfill


D&H Tech Drive Data Center

  • DCs: 2nd/3rd story Mezzanine additions - increase sustainability and longevity of current real estate
  • Tech Drive - Carpet made of recyclable materials and is recyclable itself
  • Electric hand dryers - avoid ~1,000 pounds of wasted paper