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By Phone

Phone: 800-340-1001
Fax: 717-255-7822

Return Authorizations
Phone: 800-340-1001 option 1
Fax: 717-255-7849

License Desk
Phone: 800-340-1001 option 2

Campus Bookstore Sales
Phone: 800-340-1003
Fax: 717-255-6750

Education Reseller Sales
Phone: 800-699-7511
Fax: 717-255-6750

K12 Institution Sales
Phone: 800-340-1006
Fax: 717-255-6750

Phone: 800-340-1007
Fax: 717-255-7812

Phone: 800-340-1002
Fax: 717-255-7822

Phone: 800-877-1200
Fax: 717-255-7843


When I try to log in, why do I get a message saying that my account hasn't been activated?

Please fill out the "User Agreement", and fax or mail it to us. The form can be downloaded on the Credit Resources page.

How do I report problems using the site?

Site problems or comments can be submitted using the troubleshooting forms.