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With end of support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 on the horizon,
and the increase in cloud adoption, now is the time to make the shift to modern.

Redefining the Modern Workplace

Today's business world is more demanding than ever. Employees expect seamless and simple experiences at the workplace, like they are accustomed to at home. Businesses need to provide consistent performance and access, while maintaining security - no matter where they are working or how they access applications.

The Challenge

Windows 7 PCs will no longer receive Windows security updates after January 14, 2020. This includes new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, and online technology content updates from Microsoft. PCs running Windows 7 after January 14, 2020 should not be considered protected.

The Modern Workplace Solution

Help your clients protect what they've built and get more done anywhere by moving to a modern desktop with Windows 10, the Intel® vPro™ platform and Office 365. A new PC will give workers battery life for a full workday, with up to 2.1x faster multitasking and up to 80% better performance. Plus with Office 365, they'll get email hosting plus desktop, mobile and web versions of Word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook as well as other tools to help run and grow this business. Apps are always up-to-date so they’re never outdated.

The Challenge

By 2020, wireless and mobile device traffic will account for two-thirds of total global IP traffic-challenging organizations to find better ways to mitigate security risks while keeping employees happy with a modern device experience.1

The Modern Workplace Solution

With Windows 10, security events requiring IT remediation are reduced by up to 33%2

61% of SMBs say they can better secure and protect data on a newer PC3

The Challenge

53% of SMBs say that upgrading hardware is the biggest challenge to IT optimization.4

The Modern Workplace Solution

How do you manage the increasing demands of a mobile workforce against day-to-day IT tasks? Trying to manage it all in-house can end up costing the business more than anticipated.

It administrators estimate an average 20% improvement in management time with faster deployment, more self-service functions and reduced needs for third-party software.2

Application provisioning dropped from 150 to 15 minutes with Windows 10 self-service features.2

The Challenge

More than 72% of employees will be working remotely by 2020.5

How do you give users access to business applications at work, at home and out and about? To work effectively, employees should be able to access all their business apps on any connected device.

The Modern Workplace Solution

Mobile employees estimate 25% boost in productivity.2

By running modern devices with the most up-to-date software, employees are empowered with the productivity tools they need while IT staff are able to simplify and reduce costs.

The Challenge

Application compatibility has been "one of the most important considerations" of Microsoft's customers in shifting to the "modern desktop" and Windows 10.

The Modern Workplace Solution

Microsoft offers several programs to ensure applications that work on Windows 7 also work on Windows 10.

  • Desktop App Assure
  • MSIX Packaging
  • Windows 10 App-V
  • Upgrade Readiness
  • Windows 10 Containers

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Featured Device Manufacturers


Why should your clients make the shift to a modern device with Windows 10?

  • Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever - making it much less likely to be hacked
  • Windows 10 is an advanced, improved and continually updated version of the Windows 7 they know and love
  • Windows 10 Pro devices will save them time and money - not only in repairs and maintenance - but also in employee productivity

Don't forget to add Microsoft Office & PC accessories to every new device sale!

HPWindows 10

New HP Devices with Windows 10 Pro Offer Both Performance and Productivity

  • Users can get more done with up to 65% faster multi-tasking compared to a five year old PC.
  • Reduce wasted time waiting to kick off the day with up to 28% faster average start up times on new HP Windows 10 devices(compared to Windows 7 devices)
  • More mobility, more time with up to 3x longer battery life than older Windows devices
  • Protect your business information when your HP Windows 10 device is lost or stolen with out-of-the-box BitLocker Device Encryption

Now is the time - Boost your productivity and secure your business with an HP Windows 10 Pro device refresh!

IntelWindows 10

Windows 10 migration is crucial. But did you know that migrating on new computers is just as important? Here are five reasons why now’s the time to refresh your clients' computers.

  1. Workers Need Productivity on the Go: Windows 10 apps, like Office 365, combined with new form factors and the Intel vPro platform deliver better multitasking for desktop power – 2.1X Faster Multitasking.
  2. Security Should be Built In: The Intel vPro platform with the Intel Authenticate solution hardens identity protection in silicon and supports facial recognition with Windows 10.
  3. New Computers are More Powerful: Devices with Intel Core vPro processors can analyze and visualize data up to 40% faster.
  4. Consistency is Everything: The Intel vpro platform lets workers have the computers they want, while letting IT deploy a single, stable, standardized Windows 10 image across the entire network.
  5. New Computers Lower IT Costs: New PCs can cut service call costs with remote diagnosis from Intel Active Management Technology, lower the costs of service calls from $187 to $60.
DellWindows 10
Dell LATI55902R9YJ

Refresh your clients' hardware and transform their business.

Every PC older than 4 years can cost businesses more than $1,700 a year in maintenance, repairs, and lost productivity compared to a new Windows device,1 and leave them open to cyber-attacks and data breaches that affect more than 50% of small businesses.2

Dell Windows 10 Pro devices with 7th and 8th generation Intel® vPro™ processors help businesses stay protected and productive on the go, with up to 25% more time efficiency,3 up to a 28% faster startup on average compared to Windows 7,4 and a battery that lasts up to 3x longer5 than an older Windows device.

DaaS - Device as a Service

Front Office Growth Demands Back Office Support

Introducing new technology puts an increased strain on older infrastructures that often require more and more attention as they age. Their business can't grow - let alone innovate - if they are spending much of their time managing and troubleshooting. Moving to modern infrastructure solutions, and off-loading resources to the cloud, will dramatically simplify deployments, operations and management.

The Challenge

Old or Obsolete Network Equipment

A recent survey of 100 SMBs in the US Dimension Data found 51% of network devices were aging or obsolete, and 27% were approaching the end of their product lifecycle. The obsolete devices increase the risk of security breaches – this is what allowed a security breach that cost TJ Maxx $1 billion in 2007.

The Modern Workplace Solution

Current standards use WPA2 which uses a 256-bit key for enhanced security. Without strong Wi-Fi security, data may be intercepted and the risk of a denial of service attack is increased. Devices that don't support WPA2 should be replaced.

The Challenge

Decreased Employee Productivity

Old technology runs slower, takes longer to execute tasks, and requires much more time-consuming maintenance, patches, updates and helpdesk calls than its newer counterparts. In fact, Microsoft estimates that SMBs who use old technology could lose up to seven days per calendar year!

The Modern Workplace Solution

Decreased productivity can cost their business in terms of both revenue and ROI - they get a lot more out of productive employees than those who spend portions of their day just trying to get their tools to work properly. Not to mention the cost of satisfaction and retention, for both employees and customers.

The Challenge

Your clients don't understand the benefits of the cloud.

The Modern Workplace Solution

49% of business owners say cloud computing has been a key factor in allowing them to grow while 66% say it has reduced other IT costs!

Offloading resources to the cloud offers many advantages:
  • Access anywhere/anytime
  • Operating expense versus capital expense
  • Less costly maintenance
  • Effectively high level of security
  • Scale to meet to demand/only pay for what you use
  • Lower energy costs/energy savings

The Challenge

They think their security is good enough - Today's threats are more sophisticated and targeted than ever before. The older the infrastructure, the more vulnerable they are.

The Modern Workplace Solution

Previous generations of hardware and software lack the features and security add-ons of today's technology. Newer servers use virtualized platforms and pre-installed cloud engines for more secure environments than the servers of even a few years ago.

Featured Networking/
Infrastructure Manufacturers

D&H recommends Windows Server
windows server

Support is ending for
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2

Get faster performance, better security, and more storage by upgrading to the latest Windows Server.

In 10 years of innovation, so much has changed.
With Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 your customers are running their business on technology that is out of date - which means they have been missing out on the massively increased capacity for data and processing storage, while their security and compliance protections have fallen behind.
  • Security needs change rapidly; upgrading will provide businesses with a necessary end-to-end security solution
  • Newer servers provide faster overall performance in both processing speeds and network communications, and the latest version of
    Windows Server is using cloud-ready technologies
By upgrading their servers, customers will be able to use the latest technology to grow their business—increasing data storage while improving operations and business continuity with cloud-ready technologies. For example, Azure Site Recovery helps ensure that businesses can recover after server failures and natural events.
Browse Windows ServerDownload the End of Support Marketing Kit
D&H Cloud Solutions
D&H Solutions & Services

D&H Solutions and Services

Laptops and Workstations

  • Security Monitoring and Proactive Management of Laptop/PC/Workstation
  • Imaging services with Microsoft Autopilot
  • Asset tagging – Customer provided or D&H provided
  • Laptop/PC/Workstation upgrades – memory add, upgrade, HDD add or upgrade, gaming system upgrade
  • Field Tech deployment for projects such as setup and deployment, installations of Laptop/PC/Workstation into carts, recycling, data destructions and more

Other Infrastructure Service Capabilities

  • Server Integrations (Integration Center or on premise)
  • Microsoft OS install (Integration Center or on premise)
  • Storage Integration (Integration Center or on premise)
  • Server/Storage/Rack System Build
  • Firmware Upgrade on Networking hardware

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