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Services & Support


D&H has an expansive inside and field sales team versed in learning the ins and out of every product line carried as well as the intricacies of each account's business. There's a reason why our customers prefer to do business with us.

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, account-dedicated inside and field sales teams with an average rep tenure of 9 years
  • Our sales approach is consultative: When our customers succeed, we succeed
  • Category and Solutions Specialist Teams
  • D&H Concierge Service
  • Diverse customer segments and key partnerships with industry associations and buying organizations
  • D&H offers our vendors no-charge floor days, no-charge pass through
  • The Vendor Product Showcase area on the sales floor allows our vendors to display their latest products
  • Free technical support is available to all D&H customers
  • Expertise in expanding product breadth within accounts
  • The D&H Licensing Desk helps to develop ideal software solutions for customers and is the only Microsoft Certified professional licensing team in the industry
  • Our sales reps work within a powerful CRM system that allows them to foster the relationship with our customers and work together to uncover new opportunities.


We pride ourselves in customized programs, campaigns and initiatives to fit your goals, objectives and needs. While others develop a cookie cutter approach, D&H's in-house team is known for a unique and creative methodology every time.

  • Monthly direct mailers, premier trade magazine positioning, daily e-communications, and a comprehensive website developed by our in-house art department and web design teams
  • Technology tradeshows across the country provide opportunities for vendors to interact with resellers and retailers through educational seminars, booth and product showcases, hands-on demos, and face-to-face time.
  • Participation in national and regional trade shows, buying events and road shows
  • Vendor-specific strategic marketing
  • True-to-cost advertising
  • Recognition and accolades in delivering our manufacturers' diverse go-to-market strategies
  • Consistent success in new vendor, new product and special program launches


D&H works closely with existing and new customers to offer the best possible terms to help build up their purchasing muscle. With a focus on customer relationship management, our goal is to cultivate, retain, and service our customers while growing your sales, and protecting your receivables.

  • Regular credit promotions offering both extended terms and larger credit lines to qualified customers
  • Financing, flooring, leasing, pass through deals, joint purchase orders, electronic payments
  • EDI and manual invoicing
  • Account Receivable management; Risk management
  • Robust online customer account tools including free online invoice payments via our proprietary D&H PayNet system
  • Dedicated, personalized credit representative
  • Flexible credit terms to meet any customer's need including over 60 unique terms
  • Financial partnerships with all the major inventory finance and leasing providers like GE, IBM, DLL, Castle Pines, Marlin Leasing, and GTF
  • Purchase order financing/assignment
  • All new customer apps are processed in less than a day and mailed a welcome packet the same day.

IT Department

D&H's IT Department prides itself on providing a first-class service to all of our business partners. With a well experienced department of highly qualified IT professionals, we continue to move our technologies forward by investing in our infrastructure, applications, communications, and most of all our co-owners.

  • D&H believes reacting quickly to customer and vendor needs is critical and our ability to do so sets us apart from our competitors. With this in mind, the D&H IT department is fully-staffed with internal Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, and Quality Assurance specialists that are all D&H co-owners vested in our success. We do not rely on outside consultants to make time-sensitive system enhancements.
  • Testing system changes before they are made "live" is perhaps the most important step in developing software. D&H recognizes this and has a Quality Assurance team solely dedicated to ensuring our software changes are free from defects and meet our high standards.
  • We employ proven Disaster Recovery procedures - with multiple layers of redundancy - to ensure that our systems are performing at maximum capacity.
  • D&H understands the importance of integrating with external systems through EDI. Our EDI Analysts are experienced with complex EDI maps and have fast-track processes in place to become transactional with a minimal amount of time invested.
D&H Partner Enablement & Education
D&H Solutions
& Services

Premier level customization and support for thier clients

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Cloud Solutions

Dedicated Cloud Specialist and Cloud Loyalty Program

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Solutions Lab

Ongoing, in-depth workshops on-demand

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K-12 Opportunity

Important tools to help customers complete the K-12 sale

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Partner Services

Exclusive resource for free business development tools

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Specialist Teams

Consultants focused on leading brands, solutions and licensing

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Incentives Loyalty
Rewards Program

Rewards program for customers and their employees

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Flexible Finance

Offering the best possible terms and credit programs

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D&H Technology
Conferences & Trainings

Year round events, education and reseller roundtables

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Procurement & Fulfillment


D&H's purchasing and sales teams work closely with our manufacturers to implement a strategic inventory plan to effectively manage forecasts, demands, production, shipments, and deliveries. Our commitment is focused on providing on-shelf availability for our customers and driving growth and business results for our suppliers.

  • Management of product allocations for priorities and reservations, customizable by specific vendor instructions
  • Ability to regulate product access by customer with item restriction controls
  • Administration of rebate inclusions/exclusions and special pricing parameters
  • Expertise in forecast planning and analysis by sales and purchasing
  • D&H can maintain derivative part numbers. This means a separate inventory can be maintained at a different cost
  • We specialize in SKU optimization across our entire DC network which means that every item in every warehouse is our goal
  • D&H strives for up to 45 days of on hand inventory support
  • We have experience with Direct Import from offshore factories
  • We have a partnership with Etilize to deliver quality and standardized e-Commerce product content
  • We can map EDI purchase orders to our vendors' system requirements
  • Regular reporting of sales out information is available
  • D&H conducts line reviews to ensure our vendors' performance capabilities are maximize


D&H works closely with our manufacturers to establish fulfillment of distribution demands for a variety of accounts. With more than 102 years of experience in excellent service, our purchasing, sales, IT and logistics teams have perfected the operations and efficiencies to be able to serve the evolving needs of our partners.

  • The robust D&H order management system relays pertinent customer, item, pricing and order information to our sales team.
  • Getting accurate and dependable item information to customers is critical. D&H offers real-time pricing and availability through XML and fully customizable catalog feeds containing product information, inventory amounts, and pricing per item.
  • Our customers have many ordering options from which to choose:
    • Our call center receives customer orders by phone
    • The website is available to all customers 24 hours a day
    • XML ordering is a simple way for customers to integrate their ordering system with ours
    • We support EDI ordering, invoicing, and ASNs with any major customer
  • In many cases, D&H allows our vendors' inventory to be allocated for a specific priority customer
  • Direct end-user drop shipments with fully customizable shipping and packing options is a specialty of D&H
  • D&H strives to ensure that orders that are received before our daily warehouse cut off times are shipped the same day


D&H Logistics

As a leading distributor of IT, electronics, and consumer goods, we have a reputation of exemplary service and financial stability. We are committed to your needs and your business growth. Our business is built on the drive and passion or what we call the "D&H DNA" of dedicated employee co-owners who embrace corporate responsibility. Not only do we have the operational capabilities to meet your business needs, we pride ourselves on 100 years of experience in distribution. Through this are decades of perfecting logistics, to ensure that our networks are aligned to adequately provide services for the origins and destinations within your supply chain.

We are competitive on price and flexible as requirements evolve when your business needs it. Our IT platform and systems are robust and have the ability, capability, and competence to integrate with your systems. Our solutions are scalable, flexible and future proof, to ramp up quickly when needed to meet any potential changes or needs. We have the capability and financial means to expand our skills base and operations. All of this backed by the experience, knowledge and expertise to help improve your company's logistics activities, and be here to work with you proactively to explore and propose mutually beneficial solutions. We promise to deliver your operational requirements and business benefits consistently, reliably, and cost-effectively.


  • 6 fully-optimized distribution centers delivering 98.6% of the BPI in 1-2 days ground (4-Domestic, 2-Canada). D&H also has one central returns center in the US.
  • RF technology to manage all activities in the DCs, to include labor optimization.
  • Receiving - WMS data collection and RF scanning controls item, quantity, and case pack accuracy on all purchase order receipts and manages directed put-away and lot controls. Cubiscan technology captures all item dimensions including weight.
  • Automated Replenishment - Forward picking locations are replenished automatically based on set min / max inventory levels
  • Order Processing - Flexible WMS allows orders to be processed individually, in groups (waves) or truck loads by account. RF scanning captures all data on the items picked, “building” them into a shipment. Picking is managed at the each, inner, case, or pallet level. Our system captures serial numbers through the picking process when needed.
  • Labeling - Customer compliant labeling is performed on all, carton and pallet shipments including UCC 128 labeling. We also offer customized packing slips to each customer.
  • D&H Logistics offers a variety of kitting, bundling, banding, labeling, re-cartoning and other light assembly services.
  • Inventory Management - RF scanning together with our customized WMS for receiving, order processing, lot controls, and cycle counts, ensure inventory accuracy of 99.85%.
  • Loss Prevention/Disaster Preparedness - Best practices in loss prevention and disaster preparedness insure the safety of your product and security from business disruptions.
  • A sophisticated automated zone routing system controls our entire order fulfillment and helps us get to market quickly for your products and your customers.
  • Our WMS has a very dynamic cartonization tool that allows us to always select the right sized shipping container and package type.


  • We have relationships with all carriers optimized by region for best pricing and delivery.
  • Parcel Shipping - Automated UPS, FedEx and USPS repacking and order processing systems handle retail and eCommerce parcel shipments.
  • Express Shipments - We have the ability to handle Express shipments up to 5:00pm to ensure they get to your customer on the required delivery date.
  • Domestic Freight - Outbound and inbound freight is managed according to account routing guides and compliance requirements. All freight is handled in the most cost-effective manner possible. Clients benefit from D&H's high volume freight rates and multi-vendor retail shipments.
  • Importing - Our import department can manage the door-to-door moves on container shipments. Our systems provide real-time visibility at all points along the supply chain. Manufacturers can take advantage of our volume for savings on ocean freight rates and brokerage fees.

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