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Procurement & Fulfillment


D&H's purchasing and sales teams work closely with our manufacturers to implement a strategic inventory plan to effectively manage forecasts, demands, production, shipments, and deliveries. Our commitment is focused on providing on-shelf availability for our customers and driving growth and business results for our suppliers.

  • Management of product allocations for priorities and reservations, customizable by specific vendor instructions
  • Ability to regulate product access by customer with item restriction controls
  • Administration of rebate inclusions/exclusions and special pricing parameters
  • Expertise in forecast planning and analysis by sales and purchasing
  • "Get Authorized" Program - Online automation for customer restriction authorizations and MAP/UPP pricing compliance
  • D&H can maintain derivative part numbers. This means a separate inventory can be maintained at a different cost
  • We specialize in SKU optimization across our entire DC network which means that every item in every warehouse is our goal
  • D&H strives for up to 45 days of on hand inventory support
  • We have experience with Direct Import from offshore factories
  • We have a partnership with Etilize to deliver quality and standardized e-Commerce product content
  • We can map EDI purchase orders to our vendors' system requirements
  • Regular reporting of sales out information is available
  • D&H conducts line reviews to ensure our vendors' performance capabilities are maximize


D&H works closely with our manufacturers to establish fulfillment of distribution demands for a variety of accounts. With more than 100 years of experience in excellent service, our purchasing, sales, IT and logistics teams have perfected the operations and efficiencies to be able to serve the evolving needs of our partners.

  • The robust D&H order management system relays pertinent customer, item, pricing and order information to our sales team.
  • Getting accurate and dependable item information to customers is critical. D&H offers real-time pricing and availability through XML and fully customizable catalog feeds containing product information, inventory amounts, and pricing per item.
  • Our customers have many ordering options from which to choose:
    • Our call center receives customer orders by phone.
    • The website is available to all customers 24 hours a day.
    • XML ordering is a simple way for customers to integrate their ordering system with ours.
    • We support EDI ordering, invoicing, and ASNs with any major customer.
  • In many cases, D&H allows our vendors' inventory to be allocated for a specific priority customer.
  • Direct end-user drop shipments with fully customizable shipping and packing options is a specialty of D&H.
  • D&H strives to ensure that orders that are received before our daily warehouse cut off times are shipped the same day.