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Security Solutions

70% of Successful Breaches Originate on the Endpoint*

Cybersecurity now dominates the priorities of every organization in adaptation to a post-pandemic world where remote workers identities’ and devices are the new security perimeter. With employees from nearly every organization now working from home, the remote workforce demand has accelerated resulting in double-digit growth projections for cloud, endpoint and infrastructure.
*According to IDC
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As your client's trusted infrastructure and security professionals, they are looking to you for guidance. D&H has the products, services and expertise to help you meet the needs of your customers while profitably growing your security practice.

Robust Vendor portfolio of both hardware and software products

Technical and sales support for all partners regardless
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Pro Services offerings to augment your organizations capabilities

Security Cloud Cluster

Provide protection for the entire IT environment with a layered solution portfolio that helps to maximize security in a flexible and customizable delivery model.


Method of preventing unauthorized access to company's network, resources, or otherwise confidential and sensitive data.

Why it's important: Solutions to protect email environments from cyber threats, through encryption, decryption, and scaning of inbound, outbound, and internal mail for spam, viruses, and anomalies that might indicate incidents of compromise or phishing attempts.


Visual collaboration technologies that bring together users from different locations for face-to-face meetings without having to physically come together to a single location.

Why it's important: Provides high-quality alternative to in-person interactactions, enabling users to start, join, and hold productive meetings from any location on any device.


Protection from security threats and attack paths that connecting client devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other wireless devices, to corporate computer networks can cause.

Why it's important: With BYOD practices and increased mobile threats, it is vital to deploy an effective endpoint security system that takes control over all the entry points working to block malware entry attempts and remove cyber threats.


Security policy development and maintenance to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of company assets from threats and vulnerabilities while providing users with seamless access to corporate applications.

Why it's important: The cyber threat surface expands with each user and their device, making it vital to deploy an effective security management system that enforces full device encryption and user access standards, policies and procedures across the entire organization.


Continuous security monitoring and incident response service solutions that detect, analyze and respond to mitigate security incidents in real-time, relaying actionable intelligence and enabling security teams to manage potential vulnerabilities proactively.

Why it's important: Empowers smaller organizations to take advantage of enterprise-grade security without the cost, enabling them to work the way they want, while fully protecting their business' sensitive information.

Our team of Specialists are here to help with communications and collaboration solutions, and all of the contributing factors that support an integrated device and meeting space strategy.


Leverage partner programs and resources to help develop a competitive strategy that drives and supports operational efficiencies and optimizes profitability.


Bundle professional and managed services with complementary vendors to create complete solutions based on typical customer needs, business outcomes and vertical or horizontal markets.


Enable sales team to effectively execute on solution focused and audience-targeted activities by providing sales and solution training, resources and incentives.Enable sales team to effectively execute on solution focused and audience-targeted activities by providing sales and solution training, resources and incentives.

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Intelligently Designed Clusters

  • Integrated solutions
  • Facilitate guided selling
  • Generate technical efficiency
  • Create user value
  • Maximize partner profitability


  • Drive differentiation and predictable profit
  • Develop multi-vendor offerings
  • Bundle hardware, software, and managed services
  • Flexible consumption options to accelerate cash flow

Success Path to Cloud: Build a profitable practice

  • 8-Step Methodology
  • Monetizing the Seat Configuration Tool
  • Channel insights and best practices from subject matter experts