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Windows 11 Pro – Why Device Refresh?

When Windows 10 reaches End-of-Support (EOS) on October 14, 2025, Microsoft will no longer provide bug fixes for issues, security fixes for vulnerabilities, time zone updates, or technical support for problems that might occur.

With the EOS for Windows 10 coming in less than two years, now is the time to migrate your clients to a modern OS. Ensure that your clients’ organization are not left running unsupported software that is no longer receiving security updates. Organizations running legacy software are vulnerable to significant security risk and potential compliance violations. Not only that, but their workforce will also see major declines in productivity and collaboration
with outdated software.

Help Them Reimagine the Way They Work

Windows 11 Pro devices with Microsoft 365 provide a single solution for the modern workspace. Built with the latest security and productivity features, they combine to improve the potential of every employee, and empower the success of your business.

Powerful security that guards your clients against today’s increased security threats using advanced hardware-based protections.
Modern IT management saves their team time and money with zero-touch deployment and flexible device management.
Powerful security that guards your clients against today’s increased security threats using advanced hardware-based protections.
Improved collaboration that allows employees to share and present with confidence no matter where they work.

D&H AIM Solution Architecture

AIM Solutions Architecture

Our proprietary AIM Solution Architecture Model provides value to you and your clients through a (3) step process – Assess, Implement, and Manage – that helps to create solutions using a consultative approach. Using AIM, we assist with wrapping professional and managed services around hardware and providing the solution within a consumption model that’s right for your client.


Build end-to-end solutions with our XaaS Solution Builder

Build XaaS Solutions Now

Give Them More with Windows Copilot and AI!


As your technology experts, we want to share with you how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help you put the power of AI to work for your clients’ businesses. Using Copilot for Microsoft 365, the combined power of large language models (LLMs) and business data working inside Microsoft 365 apps turns their words into the most powerful productivity tool
on the planet.

Digital Debt
Slows Innovation

We are at a technological inflection point as generative AI is opening a whole new frontier for productivity in a climate where, according to Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index Report, indicates that the pace and volume of work has increased exponentially, and employees can’t keep up. This is a new era where digital debt becomes costly to maintain business momentum.

Generative AI represents a massive market opportunity with potential to reshape the anatomy of business by delivering automation to remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing workers to focus more time on strategic work.

A Whole New
Way to Work

Copilot for Microsoft 365 works alongside their workforce in the apps they use every day, delivering increased productivity and creativity as they are set free from repetitive tasks. This empowers them to focus on the work that matters most – like serving customers and growing their business – all with the peace of mind coming from our commitment to security and responsible AI.

Supercharged Productivity

Unlock faster access to data and knowledge across your organization.

Amplified Creativity

Amplify your ingenuity and
innovation with generative AI tools
that can turn your ideas into masterpieces.

Trusted Security

Count on responsible, secure AI with a partner you can trust, including Microsoft’s Copilot Copyright Commitment.

Copilot in Windows 11 Pro

Free feature of Windows 11 Pro, empowering users to do more with OS, applications, and files.

  • Generative AI for Content Creation
  • Natural Language Interaction
  • Search & Summarize Web Content
  • Optimize Windows Settings & Experience
  • Commercial Data Protection

Harness the Power of AI

If you're interested in learning more about how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help you transform your business with AI, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started. Simply visit our D&H Cloud Marketplace to begin offering Copilot solutions to your clients.

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